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Hello and welcome to the online office of Bennies Travel & Tours.  We are happy that you visited and trust that you will find enough information here to make us your agent of choice.  We are Anguilla’s largest destination luxury services provider.  With over thirty years experience, thousands of satisfied customers and a growing fleet we cater to solo travellers as well as groups of up to two hundred and fifty persons.


Bennies Travel & Tours handles every aspect of your travel experience.  We are a booking agent for all major cruise ships and select tour operators as well as ships agent for Anguillas ports.  Our portfolio includes luxury transfers, group tours, wedding and event planning, private boats and charters to all Caribbean destinations and destination management in Anguilla and St. Maarten/St. Martin.


Our ground transportation fleet in Anguilla is the largest and most modern of services offered on the island.  Our award winning chauffeur services are a must experience.  We wait expectantly to show you why service is our only product and serving you is our only business.

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Good Morning Ruel, Thank you once again for always going above and beyond for our clients. and thank you for bringing this to my attention so quickly. You are a great partner and I truly appreciate all that you do every day to ensure our clients are well taken care of... ~Teresa

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